natasha yeracaris


hi there!

I work mainly with ink, watercolor, graphite, and digital graphics to create thoughtful + whimsical art.

a bit more about me...

5 1/2 years ago, a cross-country road trip brought me from New England to Oregon, and I knew quite immediately this was home. I drink a few too many cups of strong coffee each morning. I enjoy everything to do with food. I sing. constantly. if I see someone cry, 9/10 times I'll end up a mess as well. I own an absurd number of glass jars. I'm terribly shy about having my picture taken. I like to read in bed. when I love, I can't help but give my whole heart. almost nothing comforts me more than being outdoors, and I wish I could properly bottle up autumn air.


I graduated from Wesleyan University in 2011. after years of struggling with my own health, I became a certified wellness coach + yoga teacher in 2013, under the guidance of some pretty amazing instructors. helping folks discover what they could do to improve their happiness and well-being lead me to acknowledge the profound love I have for creating. though I still occasionally make myself available for private coaching sessions, I've been joyfully, vigorously, and gratefully focused on my art. 

wonder if I might be a good fit for your project? maybe you just want to chat a little or trade recipes? get in touch! I'd love to hear from you.